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1. Scientific of mites
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... - 60 eggs per female Occurrences: Mattresses, pillows, curtains, upholsteries, floors   Dermatophagides pteronyssinus Size: Males 250µm, females 350µm, ( 1µ =  1 millionth ...
2. What are mites?
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... surroundings, in mattresses, the concentration is through our body liquid (perspiration)  rather high. Perished skin sheds of people are the main food component and, the reasons, why house dust mites feeling ...
3. Cleaning Device
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... surface of the mattresses remains free from mites and vermin, the fast resettlement through microbes is prevented. The filter system Many vacuum cleaners do not filter fine dust effectively. Some ...
4. Clean & Green Service
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... and with an exactly adjusted vacuum to the mattress, removed. This cleaning procedure is urgently recommended  to hotels, hospitals and guesthouses. The cleaning procedure is suitable for all mattresses ...