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1. Be aware!
Be aware! Children react even more sensitively than grown-ups to all environmental influences and are especially susceptible against mites-dust. Also in hotels and guest-houses, mattress hygiene is a ...
2. Why?
Why? Whoever goes into the bed today shares his night camps with approximately one half million house dust mite, bacteria, viruses and spores, whom ideal life and increase conditions is find in the mattress. ...
3. slogan1
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CLEAN & GREEN SERVICE ... your Cleaning Service Partner For private, hotel, hospital and trades! Hygienic, chemistry-free mattress cleaning through our professional cleaning business.  ...
4. your mattress is alive
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Movie on dust mites or your mattress is alive...!!!  ...
5. Scientific of mites
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... - 60 eggs per female Occurrences: Mattresses, pillows, curtains, upholsteries, floors   Dermatophagides pteronyssinus Size: Males 250µm, females 350µm, ( 1µ =  1 millionth ...
6. What are mites?
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... mattress. House dust mites live also in the wide domestic area and populate cushions and textiles there, even if the reproductive ability is restricted there. Allergie causing particles are located also ...
7. Cleaning Device
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Our cleaning device When cleaning, the cleaning device generates high-frequency vibrations on the mattress surface. The filth particles are solved as far as into the mattress kernel, pulverizes and over ...
8. Services
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1. Investigation of the allergic burden On a small part of the mattress, the cleaning is executed test-wisely. This certainly shows whether a cleaning of the mattress is necessary. 2. Cleaning of ...
9. Clean & Green Service
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The cleaning service "CLEAN & GREEN - SERVICE" is a unique service of Sunshine Holidays - Phuket Ltd., Part., and offers a particular mattress cleaning procedure, with what the mattress can remain ...