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1. What is dust?
... plants and dead insects. But that's not all. It can also contain millions of dust mites whose waste is a leading trigger of asthma, eczema and allergic inflammations. Many vacuum cleaners do not filter ...
2. slogan1
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CLEAN & GREEN SERVICE ... your Cleaning Service Partner For private, hotel, hospital and trades! Hygienic, chemistry-free mattress cleaning through our professional cleaning business.  ...
3. What are mites?
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House dust mites Beforehand, mites don't transfer any illnesses. What, however,  makes this little animal an unpleasant co-inhabitants, is its allergie causing excrement. Mites produce 200-times of its ...
4. Cleaning Device
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Our cleaning device When cleaning, the cleaning device generates high-frequency vibrations on the mattress surface. The filth particles are solved as far as into the mattress kernel, pulverizes and over ...
5. Services
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1. Investigation of the allergic burden On a small part of the mattress, the cleaning is executed test-wisely. This certainly shows whether a cleaning of the mattress is necessary. 2. Cleaning of ...
6. Clean & Green Service
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The cleaning service "CLEAN & GREEN - SERVICE" is a unique service of Sunshine Holidays - Phuket Ltd., Part., and offers a particular mattress cleaning procedure, with what the mattress can remain ...
7. Ayara Hilltops
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An encleave of 48 luxury suites set in 23 villas amidst sloping exotic gardens taking advantage of the arresting views offered by the emerald green Andaman Sea. Facilities and service are inspired by ...
8. Nipa Resort
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Nipa Resort is a luxurious-modern resort located in Phuket, Thailand. Our facilities offer nothing less than comfort and relaxation. After a long day of actions and activities around the city, you will ...