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Our cleaning device

When cleaning, the cleaning device generates high-frequency vibrations on the mattress surface. The filth particles are solved as far as into the mattress kernel, pulverizes and over a vacuum gentle for the mattress removed. The special cleaning device penetrate deeply as far as into the mattress kernel with high suction and certainly remove allergy causing filth. The picked up mattress filth is collected remains-loosely in the cleaning device and is detoxified afterwards.

  • The cleaning device destroys mites, viruses, bacteria and germs during the cleaning process.
  • The so treated surface of the mattresses remains free from mites and vermin, the fast resettlement through microbes is prevented.

The filter system

Many vacuum cleaners do not filter fine dust effectively. Some adequately pull small particles out of your carpeting and bedding. But, their filter systems are so porous that microscopic particles pass through the cleaner and are expelled back into the air you breathe!

We are working with the Micron Magic HEPA Filtration with Micron Allergen Technology, which

  • Traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Rated HEPA 11
  • Improves indoor air quality

The Cleaning Device system's power unit we are using is uniquely designed to facilitate the strongest airflow possible. This creates a powerful suction, which captures even the smallest dirt and allergen-causing irritants.

Filtration Efficiency + Powerful Airflow = More Trapped Particles
... and a Cleaner Home for you and your loved ones!