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1. Investigation of the allergic burden

On a small part of the mattress, the cleaning is executed test-wisely. This certainly shows whether a cleaning of the mattress is necessary.

2. Cleaning of the mattress

When cleaning, the cleaning device generates high-frequence vibrations on the mattress surface. The filth particles are solved as far as into the mattress kernel, pulverizes and over a vacuum gentle for the mattress removed. The special cleaning device penetrate deeply as far as into the mattress kernel with high suction and certainly remove allergir causing filth. The picked up mattress filth is collected remains-loosely in the cleaning device and is detoxified afterwards.

3. Destroying of germination and bacteria

The intensive power of the cleaning device certainly destroys mites, viruses, bacteria and germs, for the human being, the procedure is completely harmless. A cleaning with our special cleaning device reduces the concentrations of mites and germination against zero.